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The course will serve as a sound refresher in welding inspection, particularly for practising welding inspectors and anyone aspiring to be an AWS-certified welding inspector course in chennai . The main emphasis is on what a professional welding inspector should know in actual practice.

Course participants will undergo a rigorous programme to get them well versed with the codes/standards in use, the fundamentals of welding inspectors, and actual hands-on examinations of weld replicas with various inspection tools.


  • The Welding Inspector
  • Documents governing welding inspection and control of materials
  • Weld joint geometry and welding terminology
  • Welding and non-destructive testing symbols
  • Code Review
  • Welding procedure and welder qualification
  • Welding, Brazing and cutting processes
  • Welding metallurgy fore the welding inspector
  • Mechanical and chemical properties of metal
  • Destructive test
  • Weld and base metal discontinuities
  • Non-Destructive testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Visual Inspector as an effective quality control tool
  • AWS CWI Examination


Eligibility for Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Minimum of 5 year industry experience or

Minimum of 3 year industry experience with degree/diploma holders in engineering, technology, engineering physics or physical science

Eligibility for Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI)

Minimum of 2 year industry experience or

Minimum of 6 month industry experience with degree/diploma holders in engineering technology, engineering physics or physical science

Candidate who appearing for the CWI & CAWI, he must fulfill the eye site requirements as per requirement.


All personnel whose responsibilities are in making decision, exercising of judgement concerning welding operations in the following industries.

Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Power Stations, Ship Building/Ship Repair and Construction, Offshore Fabrication, Railways, Service and Maintenance and Metal Fabrication.